Thanksgiving break should be longer


Don’t be intimidated by a turkey – its just a really big chicken. (Juli Leonard/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS)


Thanksgiving is just as important as Christmas. Thanksgiving developed with the first colonists gathering to celebrate their success on getting through the rough winter. The Pilgrims and the Indians grew together and thanked God for everything they had. Because of this, it is important for us to get together with our families and show them how important they are to us, too. If people have family out of town, it is a necessity to try to gather with them on this holiday; however, with such a short break, people might not be able to see their families. If we could extend it maybe a day or two, it would make a big change because I believe everyone deserves to know how thankful their families are for having them in their lives.

Out of 104 votes on the Bruin Twitter poll, 87% of people voted yes to a longer break, while 13% don’t think it is necessary. When I asked teacher Mrs. Trausch her take on it she said, “Yes! If we had Wednesday off, I could get some cooking out of the way instead of doing it all Thanksgiving morning!” Although most of us students don’t have to worry about preparing food on Thanksgiving, it sure helps to know that our teachers would also be benefiting from a longer break. Sydney Good, 11, also agrees with Mrs. Trausch and says, “It is extra time to rest and get caught up on sleep for a student.”

Thanksgiving: Start with the basics
Earlier start to a Thanksgiving break gives more time to many to get started on cooking. Photo by MCT Campus

Some might argue that since Christmas break is so long, that a longer Thanksgiving break might interfere with the school year. So what? It would only be a couple days longer anyways and would be better for everyone in the long run. Ashley Leatherman, 11, said “If we have that Monday off, it doesn’t need to be longer.” We already get so many days off throughout the school year, that a few more couldn’t hurt. Obviously, Thanksgiving break should definitely be longer.