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Republican Washington promises to defund Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life demonstrators pray during a memorial at John Peter Smith Hospital on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, in Fort Worth, Texas. Life support was removed from Marlise Munoz, a pregnant brain-dead Haltom City woman, shortly before noon Sunday. (Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT)


With a new Republican tide rolling into DC in Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court, conservative pro-lifers have been pushing for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, a government-funded abortion mill, that also does everything a community health center does.

Planned Parenthood aborts 320,000 babies a year on average, and have done over 7 million abortions to date. CEO Cecile Richards has noted under oath that abortions rake in about 86% of their non-government revenue. The foolish, misleading claim that only 3% of their “services” is abortion is just that. The 3 % number is found by recording one abortion as one “service”, just like two pregnancy tests would be recorded as two “services”, despite a pregnancy test being $10 from a local Giant Eagle.

Planned Parenthood has annual revenues of over $127 million more than their expenses, which does not even account for the money they made from selling fetal remains. The abortion mill also rakes in huge donations from feminists and famous celebrities. Since the beginning of CEO Cecile Richard’s tenure, the organization has seen about $700 million in profits. They spend their profit on extravagant galas, and send bills to a certain political party., one of the organizations connections, has reported that they earn up to 2,800 percent profits on each discarded body part. In case there was any confusion, profiting from the remains of a fetus is illegal.

Planned Parenthood also hides behind the “women’s health” claim, by saying they provide mammograms, which is completely false as the corporation does not even own equipment for mammograms, and prenatal care, which has been exaggerated by supporters. While the organization does provide ultra sounds, they only do so when performing abortions.

A series of videos released by the Center of Medical Progress, and several documents from tissue organizations revealed Planned Parenthood officials selling actual parts from unborn children, and making serious cash from doing so. An investigative congressional panel recommended criminal charges against the corporation. Amazingly, this isn’t the only scandal that Planned Parenthood has been rocked by.

A reasonable question that some people may ask is, “How does Planned Parenthood deal with the bodies of the killed unborn?” In a few cases right here in Ohio, the dead bodies were steam-cooked, then dropped in a landfill along with your trash. And the government is currently sending this filthy organization $500 million of your hard earned money.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP have pledged to defunding the organization. While federal funds do not directly go to the abortions, the funds that are used, are used to market their big ticket service: killing of the most innocent individuals in America.

The Women’s March, which took place late in January, protested the defunding of Planned Parenthood, demanding socialized birth control and abortions.
The Pro-Choice movement, which started out with the motto, “safe, legal, and rare,” has morphed into stigma-free, government funded abortion, and whenever you want.
Planned Parenthood proudly promotes their big ticket item, abortions. Not only that, but the despicable “nonprofit” organization is currently fighting venomously against legislation that outlaws abortion based on sex and disability, such as autism or Down Syndrome.

The abortion mill claims to be a “women’s health”clinic by throwing around birth control once in a while. Instead of sending taxpayer money to the filthy corporation, federal tax dollars would be better spent on community health centers, which provide the same services as Planned Parenthood, and more, besides abortions.

“I think that it is the government’s job to educate children, starting in middle school, about the power of abstinence,” said Mr. Callaghan. “I believe that it is the government’s duty to protect children and the elderly, because all life is precious.”

All life begins at conception. This is not a religious belief, but a proven scientific fact that life starts when the zygote is formed. The government’s job is to make sure all men are treated equal, but in the case of Planned Parenthood, the unborn child has zero rights. Defunding this corporation should

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Republican Washington promises to defund Planned Parenthood