AP classes should be treated like post-secondary

AP classes should be treated like post-secondary


Many students take advanced classes such as post-secondary or AP. Post secondary offers classes three times a week, and when Akron is not in session, neither are the Akron classes taught at WHS. This means semesters start later and end earlier, allowing students to have a study hall or go home.

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AP students want a reprieve at the end of the year. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

AP classes are taught normally, five days a week, leaving no off days. AP exams are taken in early May, meaning that all their criteria and lessons are taught before May. Most teachers count the taking AP exam as their true final and often put watching movies or small worksheets as an official final grade.

Therefore, there is no need for students to be in their AP classes as long as their final project is completed. If a student’s AP class is offered next to a study hall in their schedule, they should be allowed to leave or come in late. These are the rules for post secondary, so why not AP?

“The weather is beautiful in May and being stuck in a class that you have already completed is horrible when you are aware that you could be outside enjoying the weather,” says Emily Dennison, 11.

Teachers and administrators should collaborate to help give AP students a perk of working hard all year and the option to be outside a little more.