HNDRXX album knocks listeners off their feet



Seven days after releasing his fifth and self-titled album, Future did the unexpected and dropped the second half of his work entitled “HNDRXX” that zoomed its way to the top of the charts all over the country.

HNDRXX album cover. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Future’s first album “FUTURE” moved 140,000 units in its first week and was streamed over 109 million times. And with that, the bar had been set extremely high for his upcoming album. But as expected, the new album had incredible success and shot to #1 on the US iTunes sales chart just upon its release date last Thursday.

Fans of the rapper have noticed that he displayed a much softer side of his personality throughout the 17 tracks in this album. His music is a lot more honest and personal. He tackles stories rather than subjects and tells what we can only presume as the truth about his relationships, whether they are professional or personal.

On his interview with Zane Lowe, Future admitted that he released this album because he had a “flow of good music” and was not too worried about the amount of attention his newest work might get. But the album has been out for only so many days and already has an amazing amount of success. Listeners are enjoying getting to know Future on a more personal level and learning the things he has been through in his life.