How old is our dress code?



The dress code rule for ripped jeans at WHS is no holes allowed above the knees. This rule has become outdated, rarely enforced, and completely ineffective. The rule has been slightly changed in the past, but not been adapted enough for our students.

Throughout the years, many students have tried to challenge this rule by wearing the jeans they want, with as many holes as they want. Many other outfits are considered acceptable by our school including very short skirts, even shorter cheer uniform skirts, short skin tight dresses and even athletic shorts all of which completely show students legs.

Why are our administrators so worried about ripped jeans when students in our school wear more revealing and outrageous clothing? Wearing ripped jeans lets kids show their style on a daily basis while at school. I believe that our faculty wants us to look more presentable and respectable toward other schools, and wearing ripped jeans does not meet what they expect, but apparently other outfit choices are.

Ripped jeans are a cute and casual choice.  Photo by Alyssa Laikos

“I really do not see why we are not allowed to wear ripped jeans, there are so many things people wear that are way worse. The rule makes no sense,” said Christian Melik, 9.

Ripped jeans are not an disrespectful look for students to wear, it is merely a new trend that will eventually have to be adapted through our school. Because of the jeans people wear now, there is no reason why they would not continue to do so.

This simply unreasonable part of our dress code should be removed. All of the attention being used toward ripped jeans should and could easily be used to help our school in many other ways.

“I’ve worn things that are more revealing than ripped jeans, yet I always get in trouble for them. I’m not sure why the rule has not been changed, but it needs to be because there is simply so reason for it,” said Kaylee Chastain, 11.