Designated parking lot for seniors and post-secondary students are needed



Cold air whipping your skin, hood blowing off, and ice water splashing your shoes; all of these feelings are felt by seniors and post secondary students, sometimes multiple times a day.

The WHS parking lot is a large one, and the good spots fill up fast. Seniors with late arrival or post secondary come in late, and therefore have to take the spots in the far back corner of the parking lot. They do not have the privilege of entering through the convenient 1400 hallway doors; they have to walk around the 1200 hallway all the way to the main entrance.

Most of the school year is during winter weather, and this makes the walk even worse. A shorter distance results in the less amount of opportunities for students to slip on ice.

WHS parking lot crowded by the 1400 hallway. Photo by Lindsay Carr

A designated parking lot would be best located in the first two rows, closest to the front entrance. Most students that arrive on time try to park closest to the 1400 hallway doors anyways, so this would not be taking away highly desired spots.

Seniors and post-secondary students would be extremely thankful for designated parking; it would be very convenient and protect them from the dangers and burdens that result from trekking across the parking lot.