Foreign exchange students transition to American ways


Meriem Nejjar, 12, made her way to America from Morocco, in Africa. Since arriving in America, she has stayed in Ohio, but looks forward to sightseeing later in her time here. Nejjar is planning on trying out for the reigning state champion girls basketball team and some clubs at the school.

“School is very different over here than what it is at home,” said Nejjar. “(In Morocco) we stay in the same classroom while the teachers switch rooms. Also, we don’t get to pick what classes we take,” Nejjar said.

While in Ohio, she would love to attend a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game at the Quicken Loans Arena. She is extremely excited to be an exchange student at WHS and looks forward to a great school year in America.

Mattis Lasseur, 12, has traveled all the way from Germany to attend Wadsworth High School. On his way here, he stopped in New York City and loved it. Even so, he loves Wadsworth and the people he has met here more. He is playing for the soccer team and has had a blast by already scoring four goals this season.

“I couldn’t be more happy to be at Wadsworth and play soccer with my second family,” Lasseur said.

He was overjoyed to be an exchange student this year. His parents encouraged him to pursue this opportunity because they knew it was a great way for him to see the United States for the first time. He would love to attend college here and then move to the States once he is older.

Dana Boldina, 12, made her voyage from Ukraine to Ohio. Dana has enjoyed high school in the United States so far and she is very excited to continue to make new friends.

“I like the teachers here at Wadsworth and school is a bit different here. We don’t get to chose classes back at home and we have about 20 periods per week.”

While Dana is in school she plans to take part in drama and sports. However, she isn’t participating in any activities right now. She is looking forward to the other seasons to have a chance. She is hoping to take some different experiences from America back home with her. Dana will be here for the rest of the school year and will leave for Ukraine in June to return to her family and friends.