Grizzlies without borders



   This past summer, members of Grizzlies Abroad, a high school club led by the language teachers, spent two weeks traveling through Europe.
The club visited both France and Spain. While in France they visited Paris and Province. In Spain, they visited Barcelona and Madrid.
“My favorite part of the trip would have to be all the different foods. My favorite meal would be the authentic pizza made in front of you, and my favorite place we visited would be Barcelona,” said Aidan Rooks, 11.
They visited beaches and got to meet with European peers. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great way to learn the language and culture of these European countries.
The students were very excited to learn all about other countries, experiencing it first-hand rather than in a classroom.
The students had a rewarding and fun experience and many look forward to doing it again with another country.
“I would love to travel back to France and Spain and especially travel to more places around Europe. My favorite part of the trip was seeing the Eiffel Tower in France and Cassis, which was a southern town that was very beautiful. My favorite place we visited in Spain was Segrada Familia, which was a cathedral that was very pretty,” said Ally Blom, 12.
The students found the trip as a huge success. Students were able to be introduced to new cultures, people, places, foods and ideals.
If interested in seeing more photos from the trip, there is a “Grizzlies Abroad” Facebook page that has uploaded more shots from the trip.
The Grizzlies Abroad program has expressed interest in going on another trip in the future.

Mrs. Schoolcraft poses with seniors Ally Blom, Lauren Knipl and Taylor Skunza in front of the Eiffel Tower.