Wadsworth High’s Class of 2023 Celebrates Graduation [Photo Gallery]


On Sunday, May 21, Wadsworth High School’s 2023 senior class celebrated their graduation at Art Wright Stadium. The celebration featured the school band, senior choir, and speeches from Dr. Hill, Dr. Suber, and six seniors. The event was open to friends, family, and community members as many people filled the stadium to watch the Commencement. A total of 380 seniors received diplomas.

Following the Processional and once all seniors had taken their seats, senior Kara Moore was welcomed to the stage to sing the Star-Spangled Banner.

The first of the student speakers to take the stage was class president, Solomon Callaghan. Callaghan welcomed all in attendance and spoke about his experience during his time at Wadsworth and provided advice for the future.

“To my fellow classmates, congratulations,” Callaghan said during his speech. “We’ve worked hard to get to this point. We’ve utilized our creativity, diligence, teamwork, resilience, and faith to do great things.”


Next, senior Dylan Currens spoke about the Alma Mater and the representation and meaning in each of the lyrics. He then introduced the Rhythm in Red choir seniors to sing it and welcomed members of the audience to join them in singing.

Dr. Suber then went on stage and spoke about academic recognition. He recognized and explained each of the cords students were given based on their final GPA. In addition to cords, he spoke about medals worn by seniors planning to serve in the US Armed Forces after graduation.

Dr. Suber next announced the next three student speakers: Mya Garcia speaking on academics, Colin Moore speaking on arts, and Julia Fortner speaking on athletics. Garcia spoke about failing and what it meant to learn from it and accept it in life. Moore went on stage next and spoke about the role of passion and dedication within art and the importance of artistic expression. Fortner then went on last to speak about school spirit, bonds created through sports, and grizzly pride.

Kianna McEwen spoke next, recognizing the Golden Class of 1973 and explaining the tradition of the Golden Class. She then spoke about how much life has changed in those fifty years. Finally, she ended her speech by addressing the graduating class.

“And to my class, I know you’ll be hearing this a lot,” McEwen said. “But, Congratulations, we did it.”

Dr. Suber went back on stage next to thank many different people both inside and outside the school for their vital roles in shaping the graduates into who they are today. He then spoke about how this graduating class has excelled in academics, arts, and athletics.

Dr. Hill was then welcomed on stage to address the graduating class and provide some advice. He then ended his speech by officially accepting this year’s graduating class from Dr. Suber and giving a final recommendation that the Wadsworth City School Board of Education award diplomas to the Class of 2023.

Following Dr. Hill’s acceptance speech, the awarding of diplomas began. A total of 380 diplomas were awarded to this graduating class. Within the class, 137 seniors were awarded honors diplomas, and 228 seniors were recognized as Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude.

Commencement then ended with Callaghan back on stage instructing the graduation class to move their tassels from the right side of their cap to the left. After that, the class quickly threw their caps in the air before making their way off the field, now as Wadsworth Alumni.