Wadsworth Biology Classes Dissect Pigs

Many science classes do unique and exciting things to engage their students, but at Wadsworth High School they take it to the next level.

Many biology classes at Wadsworth decided during their anatomy section they did not just want to learn about it, but instead really work with it hands on. WHS decided that they would get fetal pigs that were never alive and dissect them to learn their anatomy.

According to Mrs. Rohrer these pigs have a similar organ structure as humans do, which makes them beneficial to look at.

During this lab though there were many mixed emotions.

“It was really gross, not only did it smell bad but it was just gross,” said Ana Pinkerton a sophomore at WHS.

Many other students found it very interesting, some were even excited to cut open and see the inside of the pig.

If someone really did not want to engage in this lab, the teachers provided a digital course as well.

This lab seemed to be very beneficial to the WHS students and really created a buzz around the school. A lot of people have been looking forward to this lab since the beginning of the year and are glad they finally got to take part in the unique experience at WHS.

Avery Neville and Maddy Hostettler, students in Wadsworth’s Biology class, pose with their fetal pig during the class experiment. Photo by Reagan Riggenbach