WHS students debut their favorite trends

WHS students debut their favorite trends

As Summer begins to arrive, so do the timeless trends. In Wadsworth High School there are so many new trends and old ones being revived for the summer season. Our first candidate Mia Wilson a Wadsworth High School freshman, discussing her favorite summer trends. 

Maria Sideris sporting girlfriend jeans just in time for her families Easter celebration. Photo courtesy of Maria Sideris

“I like the D.I.Y. bracelets and necklaces,”  Wilson said. “I think one component would definitely be Taylor Swift. I have heard of the bracelet trend going around sporting ‘The Eras Tour’”.

 However Wilsons least favorite trend she hopes isn’t coming back would be cropped hoodies and sweatshirts.

“I always thought it was kind of silly”, Wilson said. 

Along with the puka shell necklace , which is not her favorite statement accessory. 

Maria Sideris, a freshman at Wadsworth High School, also put in her two cents regarding her pros and cons on upcoming summer trends. Sideris states that she like jean shorts, which she called “girlfriend jeans.”

“They are better for people with stubby legs,” Sideris said. 

On an opposing level Sideris said that she will not be representing the lululemon Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Shorts.

“They are just unflattering and don’t compare to the speed ups,” she said.

Michaela Mileto debuts one of her favorite summer combos with a classic cargo pant and graphic tee, before she begins class at Wadsworth High School. Photo courtesy of Michaela Mileto

Next Micheala Mileto, a junior at Wadsworth High School spoke on her favorite summer trends. She loves a simple cargo pants and t-shirts combo. 

“I love seeing a bunch of layering and oversized stuff, ”Mileto said.

Mileto has a hard time deciding what her least favorite trend is since she enjoys wearing all the different aesthetics. Mileto said that she hates flip flops.

“They are so obnoxious, and just not cute,” she said.

Mileto said she would rather wear sneakers and is overall a sandals kind of girl.