“Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3” is an Emotional Roller Coaster no one is Ready For


“Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3” premiered in theaters May 5, 2023, and is the third and final installment of the “Guardians” franchise. The third film honed in on the story of Rocket the Raccoon and his origin after questions about his past had built up over the previous two films. 

Rocket is known as the arrogant and stubborn member of the Guardians and leading up to the third film, the reason for his rudeness was merely a mystery. Eventually, the third film gives the answer to why, in a way, no one could have prepared for. 

During the course of the third film, it is shown that Rocket was a raccoon from Earth taken by the High Evolutionary [main villain of the movie; genetic experimenter seeking a perfect world] for testing. Rocket is tested on and turned into a cybernetical animal and a pawn in a bigger plan for the High Evolutionary. Rocket begins to form friendships with the other animals tested on by the High Evolutionary and is forming bonds that Rocket thinks will last a lifetime.

“I want to say the most emotional part of the movie was to witness the mistreatment of different animals,” said Gabby Bailey, Wadsworth High School sophomore.

Rocket will eventually escape from the grasp of the High Evolutionary and will find Groot, putting you where the first film begins.

The High Evolutionary’s plan was to make a perfect world where there were no wrongdoings, and he executed it by torturing and killing innocent humans, animals, and other living creatures. As you watch, you are put into an emotional position full of guilt and sadness and you wish that no one had to go through what the High Evolutionary put them through. The film embodies deep emotion, full of despair and regret for the characters and the viewers. 

While the film still does bestow the humor and laughter the Guardians have always given, the emotion and the sorrow play a key role in the film and leave viewers with tears in their eyes, both from the happy scenes and the sad scenes. The film will make you feel every emotion from happiness to sorrow, to anger, and put you on an emotional ride you won’t see coming.

“I think the ending was able to create a new kind of chapter to the story while leaving the movie on a positive note,” Bailey said.