Wadsworth Track and Field Celebrate Senior Night [Photo Slideshow]


Wadsworth High School Track & Field celebrated senior night at their last dual meet on Thursday, May 4th.  The team will graduate 17 girls and 23 boys.

Families of the seniors helped put together the ceremony, including sashes and tiaras for the girls and locker decorations for the team.  By tradition, the underclassmen make a tunnel for the seniors and their parents to walk through, as the coaches read the athletes accomplishments and plans for the future.

“I think the whole tunnel idea is a unique aspect of senior night because at most meets the team is very separated, this is one of those few cases where we get the whole team together at once which is really cool,” said Coach Humrichouser, girls distance coach.

Despite losing their freshman year to Covid-19, the class of 2023 has shown that they can be strong leaders to their younger teammates.

“Thinking of the senior class, the word that comes to mind is the word growth, in terms of running and leaders,” Humrichouser said.  “I think overtime they just have grown in running and being an impactful member of the school, that’s one thing I’m going to remember about these seniors.”

Rose Short, a member of the senior class, was an example of the growth shown throughout the senior class.

“After everything shut down it was really hard to stay motivated when you don’t have your teammates supporting you, but I feel like as I’ve gotten older I just really value my teammates and the support they give because I would not be able to do it without them,” Short said.

Short took pride in being voted team captain, knowing that new runners could look up to her.

“It was nice knowing people could look up to me even though I’m not a varsity runner, but just knowing that I can still have an impact on people.”

The Grizzly track team concluded their regular season with a win against Hoban.