Class of 2023 Celebrates Senior Sunrise


Photo courtesy of Hailey Porter

The Class of 2023 celebrated their last day of high school by enjoying the annual senior sunrise. The seniors met in the parking lot at 6:30 AM and enjoyed breakfast snacks, games, and each other’s company one last time before graduation.

At senior sunrise, it is a tradition for the seniors to wear their future college’s gear. This includes shirts, sweatshirts, and some seniors even decorated and painted jeans. There was a wide variety of different college shirts that the seniors wore. Seniors also rolled into the parking lot with their cars decked out with paint in their college colors. 

“I loved painting my car with OSU colors,” senior Jenna Ruether said. “I thought it was a fun and different way to show what college I am going to, besides just wearing my shirt. I’m glad my friends participated, too.”

Additionally, a group of senior boys have been renovating a bus to take on their senior trip in the summer. They rolled up in the bus to show off all of their hard work to their classmates. Conner Filbert and his friends also drove a military truck to the sunrise.

All of the seniors took the opportunity to take pictures in front of the beautiful sunrise with their friends.

“I spent the majority of the sunrise taking pictures with all of my friends,” Ruether said. “I knew it was going to be the only time we are together in all of our college shirts.”

A sign up sheet, which was organized by senior Myles Fortner, was sent out to all the seniors about a week before the sunrise. Seniors could sign up for food, drinks, tables, and games.

There was a variety of food like donuts, muffins, and fruit. Seniors brought many games to enjoy with each other, like corn hole.

Senior sunrise is always a special way for the seniors to close out their four years of high school together. 

“It was bittersweet, but I enjoyed spending my last day with my best friends,” senior Emily Hall said.