Wadsworth City Schools Hosts Fine Arts Festival for Students K-12


Every year Wadsworth City Schools organizes The Fine Arts Festival to showcase students’ art K-12 along with Sacred Heart throughout the year. 

This past weekend Wadsworth Middle School hosted the 2023 Fine Arts Festival Saturday, the 29th, and Sunday the 30th of May. 

The Fine Arts Festival is the only event that is district-wide and among all grade levels. The event showcases all kinds of art including clay, self-portraits, musical acts, dancing/gymnastics, and many more.

This year Ms. Mashek, a teacher at Wadsworth High School, coordinated the event. She is grateful for the opportunity to have helped bring this amazing event to life. 

“It is a beautiful way for the entire community to get together to celebrate student achievements and work throughout the year,” Mashek said.

With this being her first year as head coordinator, she was not prepared to experience the overwhelming talent produced.

Not only did she get the chance to oversee the whole event but she also got to learn a little bit more about her students in a personal way.

Setting up and overseeing the event, I was able to examine the talent of each grade, the talent of students I have had in class and had no idea they were artists, and the talent of many performers,” Mashek said.  

Wadsworth High School art teachers Mr. Derrig and Mr. Shiarla displayed many of their students’ art this year. 

Both Shiarla and Derrig believe that the festival went very well this year and that the students enjoyed the experience.

 “I had countless students express their excitement of seeing their artwork in the show,” Shiarla said.

 Both Shiarla and Derrig feel great accomplishment with the Art Show and having their students’ art displayed.

 “When I see all of the great artwork I always feel pride in knowing that I was able to help them accomplish more than they thought they could,” Derrig said. 

Shiarla is very proud of everything his students have accomplished. 

I’m very proud of what the students have achieved,” said Shiarla”. 

The Fine Arts Festival is an amazing event Wadsworth City schools organize and is well worth your time to check out especially if you’ve never been.