Wadsworth High Hosts Annual Junior Banquet


Wadsworth High School held its Junior Banquet at The Galaxy this weekend on Saturday, April 22. The Class of 2024 was able to eat, dance, and have a fun night with each other.

Tickets could only be purchased online and cost $40. This covered the dance and dinner cost.

The doors of the Galaxy opened at 6:45, and closed at 10. Juniors were allowed to leave at 9:30. The junior class was able to pick their own tables, and even got in a little pre-dinner dance on the dance floor.

The Galaxy set out a delicious spread of rolls, salad, three types of pasta, chicken, cookies, and brownies. Waiters came around with water and lemonade. 

The DJ only played songs that were requested by the students. By doing this, almost everyone enjoyed the music and there were genres for everyone to enjoy, like rap, country, line dancing, and pop music.

“I’m glad the DJ took requests,” said Avery Nicholson. “He even played my favorite song which made the night so much better.”

Unlike the other WHS dances, the attire is all over the place for Junior Banquet. The girls, like normal, dress up in beautiful, long dresses. The boys, however, switch it up a bit. This includes big fur jackets, matching sweat suits, and crazy hats and sunglasses.

“It’s nice to switch it up and do something different then just dress up like every other dance,” said Luke Ryder, who’s outfit matched with Caden Shriver.

The Junior Banquet had a great turnout with every table filled up. It was a good way to end the year and it was a great way to start the senior year excitement for the Class of 2024.