WHS Students Dance Night Away At Winter Formal [Photo Slideshow]

Wadsworth High School held its annual winter formal dance on March 4th from 8-10:30 p.m. The dance was held in the high school’s gymnasium, and it was a great opportunity for students to dance the night away with their friends.

Students had to stay at the dance until 9:45 p.m, unless a principle was noted otherwise by a parent.

The theme of the dance was Cloud 9. Choir members decorated the gym and commons with decorations, like blue and white balloons and a blue sparkly backdrop so students could have the chance to take pictures with their friends.

Students had to be in good standing in order to be able to buy a ticket. Tickets were purchased online for $16.50. This is the second time WHS has used online tickets for dances.

“I think buying tickets online is way more efficient than buying them in person at lunch,” said junior Ashleigh Jones. “I didn’t have to stress about getting my ticket in a certain amount of time.”

This year’s winter formal featured a new 360 video camera instead of a phot

o booth. Students stood on a platform while the camera moved around them. The videos were emailed to the students on March 6th. This was free of charge and was a hit for many students.

WHS’s winter formal also had a brand new lighting system that flashed colorful lights all throughout the gymnasium. 

“It was cool, but it didn’t seem that new compared to homecoming,” said sophomore Cece Craig. “The yellow lights were too bright.”

Overall, WHS students enjoyed their time at this year’s winter formal.

“I thought it was a pretty good dance,” said senior Jenna Ruether. “It was definitely my favorite of all the winter formals I have been to.”