Cleveland Cavaliers Put On A Tremendous Game At Home

Donovan Mitchell and the Cleveland Cavaliers cruised to a win against Keldon Johnson and the San Antonio Spurs.  The Cavs are now on a 7 game winning streak, while the Spurs are on a 13 game losing streak.  The Spurs are currently on their annual Rodeo Road Trip, a month-long trip of away games racking up more than 8,071 miles.  Unfortunately, the Spurs were not shown mercy, with the final score being 117-109. 

The game started off strong for the Cavs. Evan Mobley, the starting power forward for Cleveland scored the first basket of the night. The Cavs were off to an electric 11-3 lead before the Spurs were pressured to call a timeout. They continued to dominate through the first half never allowing the Spurs to get even close to coming back. Jarrett Allen was strong in the beginning of the game . He was one of the leading forces in establishing the Cavs strong lead to start the game. Before halftime, Mitchell had an impressive highlight play. Mitchell crossed up Spurs forward Jermey Sochan. The arena erupted with excitement as Donovan (the Spida) Michell continued to impress.

Going into the half the cavs were not only leading on the scoreboard but on the stat sheet as well. The Cavs were leading in rebounds, blocks, steals, and assists. Their field goal percentage was also impressive going into the half shooting over 50% while the Spurs struggled shooting under 50%. The score was 65-49, with Donovan Michell having an impressive 23 points going into the half.

The team had an outstanding start and continued to impress. The Spurs began to gather their act together and started to climb back into the game. The Spurs outscored the Cavs 32-26 in the quarter alone. Regardless though the team still held their lead over the Spurs.

Now entering the fourth quarter, the game was close 91-81 with the Cavs narrowly holding a lead. It was time for the starters to return to the court. The trio of Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen, and Donovan Mitchell began to take off both offensively and defensively. The team worked tremendously together the entire game allowing everyone to flourish. But one player stole the show and that player was Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchell scored a total of 41 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists. It is without a doubt that he has been a major contribution to the teams success this year. The team has a solid group of guys who played their game last night, and worked efficiently in securing the win.