WHS hosts Royal Academy event for elementary students


Haley Reedy

All girl groups practicing the dance one more time before performing for their parents at the end of the camp day.

Wadsworth High School’s choral department put on the annual Royal Academy event last Saturday, January 28th. This event is a returning event for the choir department hosted for students in Kindergarten through fourth grade.  This year is the second year that the camp was opened to male elementary students.

The choir that puts on this event is the second-highest-performing choir in the school, New Edition. New Edition is made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors and is run by these students along with the help of Choir Director Kaylin Davis and Drama Director Debbie Lake.

The activities vary between the male and female campers along with some overlapping activity stations. The campers spend the day learning a dance to show to their parents at the end of the day, sitting at story time with the characters and getting their picture taken. The female campers also have activity stations to get their hair and nails done and create a rainbow craft.

The male campers go through ‘Warrior Training’ where they learn how to sword fight, get tattoos and create a dragon craft. 

“My favorite part had to be all of my boys running around dancing and hitting the griddy,” Tyler Blum, junior and prince of the boy’s group said.

Fairy godfather, William Adler sophomore, lets his group of princesses dress him up during the hair activity station. All of the fairy godfathers and fairy godmothers wore tutus with matching colors to the group they were leading.

The students who put on this event are divided into groups of people who will act as ‘Princesses and Princes’, ‘Fairy-Godmothers and Fairy-Godfathers, and station leaders. The fairy godmothers and fairy godfathers acted as group leaders, leading each group from activity station to activity station. 

“I really enjoyed how happy I made the kids in my group,” William Adler, sophomore and fairy godfather said. The event is typically very successful, but this year Davis extended the capacity to around 150 elementary students.