Wadz Veeb makes history



   Captains Kacie Evans, 10, and Sophia Chirumbole, 12, both broke records in their five set game against Stow on August 30th. Evans, an outside hitter, broke the school’s record for most kills in a match. Evans broke the record in the fourth set, and by the end of the game, she broke the record by five kills, having 31 total. On October 8, in a game against Revere, Evans broke her previous record on the last point, improving it to 32 kills.

Sophia Chirumbole helped Evans break her record both times, while breaking one of her own. Chirumbole ran a 5-1, allowing her to be the only setter on the court. She broke the record for most assists in a match, by one. The previous record for assists was 51, and Chirumbole had 52. Both captains said they hope to “continue to break records,” and are excited for what the future holds.