Wadsworth High Yearbook Staff appoints new chief



The Wadsworth High School Yearbook Staff has a new chief named Ashley Weingart. This is Weingart’s second year on the Yearbook Staff.

The chief works to assign pages to members of the staff, work with staff members, raise money through advertisements and patrons and develop a theme for the yearbook. One of the most important responsibilities is leading a good example for the other staffers to see. The chief must have the ability to communicate, be responsible and be helpful to others. 

The Yearbook Staff went on their field trip to Elyria High School on September 28. They learned some skills to improve the yearbook here. PHOTO COURTESY OF ASHLEY WEINGART

“The chief is someone who is critical to creating a good yearbook,”  said Laura Harig, the overseer of the Yearbook staff. “I have been really lucky to have great editors in the past, and Ashley will be another fantastic editor.”

The Yearbook Staff offers multiple positions including, chief, assistant, marketing, sports, and tagging. They work all year to put the yearbook together. Weingart works to assign pages to the rest of the staff and then looks over them. 

“At the end of the year I go through the whole yearbook and make sure it looks presentable,” Weingart said. 

All the staff members must work together to get the yearbook finished before the end of the year. They start with one section and then work their way through, from season to season to finish all of them. They start with fall spreads which focus more on the beginning of the school year and specific sports and then go through the same process with each season and event that takes place during the year.