Members of Wadsworth High School Girls’ Tennis Team see Mr. Worldwide for the First Time


On August 24th, Blossom Music Center hosted famous musician, Pitbull’s, ‘Can’t Stop Us Now’ tour. The world-renowned singer performed with Iggy Azalea in front of a nearly sold-out crowd who screamed and danced to every song.

The Pitbull concert was attended by members of Wadsworth High School’s tennis team who greatly enjoyed his show. The Latin-pop music superstar made for an unforgettable night for his fans with his songs and Iggy Azalea opened the show. PHOTO COURTESY OF AUTUMN BROWN

“We had the time of our lives at Pitbull,” said Wadsworth High School senior, Autumn Brown.

Unlike most attendees, Brown and her teammates had a home tennis match against Brecksville and upon its ending, they drove to Cuyahoga Falls to catch the end of opener Iggy Azalea’s performance and the beginning of Pitbull’s show. The team even wore their Wadsworth tennis uniforms as they enjoyed the concert.

Despite losing 3-2 to the Bees and experiencing a small hitch when senior, Lexi Dunn, passed out after her three-hour-long match at third singles, the girls still managed to make it in the nick of time.

Many students from Wadsworth and surrounding areas were in attendance and raved about the concert. Pitbull’s own lyrics could be used to describe the experience.

“Lexi Dunn passed out hours before the concert at her tennis match, but still went to the concert anyway because Pitbull has been there and done that,” said Brown.

The lyrics “been there and done that” come from a song called ‘Time of our lives’ by Pitbull and singer, Ne-Yo.

Their attire garnered the attention of a few spectators, and Brown noted that they gained many compliments on their outfits.

Wadsworth High School seniors and members of the tennis team (From left to right) Maggie Galvin, Lexi Dunn, Laryn Pelkey, Autumn Brown, and Sophia Fry, attended Pitbull’s concert at Blossom Music Center on August 24th. It was the first time they had seen him perform and a good time was had by all who went. PHOTO COURTESY OF AUTUMN BROWN.

The tour, which began in late July and ends in late October, includes venues across North America including the rare stop in Northeast Ohio. When Brown and others saw that he and Azalea were booked for Blossom Music Center, they knew that attending was a no-brainer.

“Iggy surprised everyone and Pitbull didn’t fail to sing all his best songs,” said WHS junior and tennis player Liv Hill.

According to the Wadsworth attendees, if the iconic singer comes around Ohio again, there is no doubt that he and his team will deliver another unforgettable show to his fans.