Donald Trump Jr. speaks in Wadsworth at Republican Party of Medina County fundraiser



Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, was in Wadsworth on Wednesday to speak at Medina County Republican’s 2022 Lincoln Day Dinner. Speaking to a crowd of over 500 people, his main agenda was the discussion of what he believes were recent failures of the Biden Administration, as well as highlighting common frustrations in the Republican party.

Almost 1000 “Renacci for Governor” signs lined the few devil strips on the road leading to The Galaxy. An older man, the sole protester, held up his poster that read “Trump is mentally ill” in front of the marquee. It was only a couple minutes past 4:45 p.m., but the parking lot already began to fill up with cars, some of which have large stickers, decals and even flags for political candidates and office holders.

Around 500 Republicans filled the Banquet Center of The Galaxy to listen to Trump.

 People working for Jim Renacci’s campaign stood at the entrance of the Banquet Center doors handing out stickers to everyone who walks in. There were two tables to the right of this entrance where guests could sign-in and find their seats. Workers for other political campaigns passed out literature near Renacci’s people.

“We didn’t get tickets[to the event], but I’m here to hand out before the event starts,” said Sara Elnady, intern for Jane Timken for Ohio Senate.

The hallway between the Banquet Center and the Cellar Room smelt of cigars. Police officers walked around. The people were formal, but friendly, business-like. 

“I’m looking forward to meeting all of these Medina County Republicans,” said Judge Lanzinger, who is running for the 9th District Court of Appeals. “I am new to running in Medina County, so there are a lot of new people for me to meet.” 

Before the Chairman’s VIP Reception and Cocktail Hour at 5:30 p.m., the people mingled in small groups in the hallway and the Banquet Center, some greeting old acquaintances or business partners, some chatting and observing with those they came with. Others gathered into the Cellar Room, the location of the Chairman’s Reception, to get drinks and snacks. Many got selfies or pictures with politicians.

 Red, white and blue constituted the attire of the people present.  Most men were in suits or button-up shirts, women in dresses, sweaters, jean jackets, jeans, blouses and skirts. The event was in honor of first responders, who attended in uniform. Some clothing and accessories had political slogans like the “Renacci for Governer bag” or the partially bedazzled MAGA jacket slewn across them. A few people wore MAGA hats. Most also carried with them a wine glass.  Almost everyone wore a sticker with names of candidates for many different races, the popular stickers being ones for Max Miller, Mark Pukita, Mike Gibbons, Terphesore Maras and Ron Falconi. 

The Banquet Center began to fill up with chatter around 5:30 p.m. The room was full of set tables. Some people sat down and talked with others at their table, others continued to mingle over the ever-growing noise of the crowd. There was both a bar and a table containing the items that were to be auctioned off at the front right of the room. People signed the sheets in front of the items. 

Republican Party of Medina County Chairman Jim Renacci gave opening remarks and welcome at 6:40 p.m. He highlighted the importance of Wadsworth as a Republican city, a goal that was manifested from 2000.

“Wadsworth Ohio became a city where 100% of elected officials are now Republican,” said Renacci during the opening remarks. 

Following his speech was the Pledge of Allegiance and five minute speeches given by Ohio Auditor Keith Faber and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy. Tim Flath, Wadsworth Fire Department Lieutenant, gave the invocation. 

At 7:00p.m. the dinner of steak, chicken and veggies, mashed potatoes and broccoli was served.  The room again filled with chatter as people ate and sipped wine and water. Title sponsor Julie Schafer, candidate for judge, spoke during dinner. 

The MAGA Live Auction featured auctioneer Russ Farnsworth. Among the items auctioned off were a signed MAGA hat for $3500, a signed copy of Trump’s book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us for $4350, a pistol for $1550, an AR15 that sold for about $5500 and a Henry lever action rifle selling for $6000, along with various bottles of alcohol. 

Firearms, alcohol and signed items pictured here are auctioned off during dinner. This MAGA hat is signed by Donald Trump Sr., and these firearms are fitted with Trump themed aesthetics. Photo by Dylan Heppert

Finally, Renacci once again took the stage, this time to introduce the keynote speaker, Donald Trump Jr.

Trump’s address began at 7:40 pm. He started the speech off with a few jokes, then dove directly into recent main issues.

“We want to leave a country that we recognize [to our children],” said Trump. “We are one year into a four-year term and look what they’ve managed to destroy.”

He talked about energy independence, and the Biden admin’s failure to seek the opinion of the American people on this topic. 

“You know who weren’t not having conversations with about energy, you, the people of Ohio, the people of Pennsylvania, the people of Texas or Oklahoma,” said Trump.  

Throughout his speech, Donald Trump Jr. covered many topics such as big tech, Ukraine and pay cuts. Trump used humor to accompany his points during his speeches. Photo by Dylan Heppert 

This comment effected loud cheers and claps from the audience. Trump claimed that the American leaders are more willing to deal with the leaders of terror than the American people.

The first big “boo” from the crowd came when Trump stated that Democrats stand for teachers being able to teach children about sexual detail they cannot even comprehend. He went on to question the outrage of Democrats at being called groomers for that opinion even though they have used equally negative terms to describe Republicans for years.

“Now that we’re actually pushing back and real Americans see what’s actually going on, you have sold out rooms like you have here tonight,” said Donald Trump Jr. 

Trump mentioned how even some former Democrats have changed their views in light of the recent events.

“It’s going to take everybody in this room to take this country back, and we have great leaders like Don Jr who are going to help us get it done,” said Joe Knopp, who is running to become Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.

Trump then boasted of the wonder of elections being as close as they were in spite of big tech’s attempts to cancel and deplatform Republican opinions.

“We’re up against at least three trillion dollar enterprises that are functioning as the bargaining department of the other side, and it’s still close,” said Trump. “That means we’re right, folks.”

Trump mentioned his disapproval of the strategy of the Afghan withdrawal to take the U.S. military out before U.S. citizens and leave $300 worth of equipment per person in the U.S. to the Taliban. 

“I don’t think you could be an American with a soul and look at what happened with the Afghan withdrawal and not be sick to your stomach,” said Trump. 

Trump Jr. asked the crowd if they were happy with the 8.5% decrease in pay, which was answered with a resounding “no.” He mentioned the Biden Administration’s tactic to blame this on Putin.

“Inflation is an 18 month issue that has nothing to do with the last three weeks that we have been in Ukraine,” said Trump.

He told the crowd that the claimed 8.5% pay cut is probably closer to 20% in reality. However, he feels that this deception might be a good thing.

“Maybe we needed a Joe Biden for people to understand just how far we can fall just how quickly,” said Trump. 

He discussed how he believes that these current events have helped the American people wake up to reality and see the Democratic Party for what it really is. 

“Now people realize how far we are going in the wrong direction, and they are going to realize we need to get back to where we were,” said Renacci.

Donald Trump Jr. again emphasized the ludicrous nature of Democrats to cancel or exclude those with differing opinions, citing Mitt Romney’s approval of Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson as an example.

He closed out with a call to action for the Republicans in the room, emphasizing the need for them to fight for what they believe is right and true.

“We have to stand up because all the things the people in this room love, believe and cherish, they’re on the table, folks, they’re at stake,” said Trump. 

At the end of Donald Trump Jr.’s speech, Jim Renacci, the head of the Republican Party of Medina County, joined him on stage. The audience gave Trump a standing ovation. Photo by Dylan Heppert