Learning Labs at WHS converted in guidance spaces



Over the past couple of months, the 1300 extended learning lab has been converted into more guidance counselor spaces for other organizations to come in and work with students.

“We have flexible office space going in, so one office will be used with outside agencies, other therapists we work with along with organizations like College Now,” said Mrs. Ross, WHS counselor. 

College Now is a program that is designed to help students in middle school and high school achieve their dreams of going to and succeeding in a two-year or four-year degree program. College Now provides financial aid for schooling and scholarships and retention services. 

This is the area where several offices will be built. Someone from the current guidance department will be moved in here and then another office for more therapists. Photo by Sydney Daily.

 “Another office will go in which I believe will relocate someone in our office. So it will end up being some office space going in, a large group conference room, and then some other flexible space for student use as well,” Ross said.

The counselors hope that the new space will draw more students into the guidance office. They feel there is still an issue with kids having the confidence to come down.

“We always love when students come in. I still think there is a sort of stigma about coming to the guidance office, so I hope to continue to change that perception so the students feel comfortable coming in anytime for any reason,” Ross said. “We just love seeing students so hopefully, that will be another avenue we can work with students in. We envision doing some peer tutoring in there eventually and having more student activities going on in there too.”

Overall, the counselors are looking forward to having the extra space. They are excited about other organizations coming in to work with students.