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Wadsworth students photograph their day – 2021


Before students join the Bruin staff or the Whisperer staff, Wadsworth High’s newspaper and yearbook, they must take an introductory class called Newspaper/Yearbook 1. In this class, students learn the fundamentals of graphic design, interviewing, writing for print, and photography. Just like in the years past, students had to spend a few days photographing their school and neighborhood and tell the story of a typical day in their life, but through pictures. Here are some examples of the work they submitted this year.

Brandon Sams and Ed Davis talking to Mr. Khalie Jr about the shed they are building. The class is full of sheds being built by the carpentry kids. Photo by Lauren Sieber
Joseph Higbee, smiling and pointing at the camera, October 24th. 2021 Memorial Park, Wadsworth Ohio. Photo by Laycee Higbee
Ada Wagner works on memorizing her script for speech and debate. The team goes to competitions every Saturday and works hard to place each week. Photo by Katie Basinger
The gym at Wadsworth High School underwent a floor transformation the summer before the 2021-2022 school year.  The entire project took most of the month of August and kept teams from practicing in this space.  Coach Mallory Adams said, “I am looking forward to playing our games on the new and improved floor, and also getting out of the field house.” Photo by Claire Harig
Carley Sorrent holds her gas station slushee as she poses by a Great Oaks speed limit sign. Sorrent and her friends went on a late night walk after the last WHS home football game. Photo by Noelle Allen
In the weight lifting room at Wadsworth High School, tethered ropes have been frequently used for training in regards to the school’s most physical sports, such as when junior Julia Fortner began working out for lacrosse on October 22. To some students, this rope represents a difficult obstacle to overcome; something that has a negative connotation. Photo by Drew Bowerman
After the students get off the bus when school is over it is left empty with nobody but a single student and the driver. This bus in particular is bus 56 and is driven by Mr. Steve. Photo by Karlie McGrath

Drew Bowerman, a sophomore at Wadsworth High School finishes his math homework in class before his first period starts. On October 22 he wanted to get his homework done because he had a test that day and needed to make sure he understood the material. Photo by Julia Fortner
Chemicals await use by students during the school day to demonstrate what happens when you take away water from certain substances. This substance may look harmless or similar to salt but if you dehydrate it and happen to get it in your eyes there will be no looking back. Photo by Brianna Perkins
You can see the history of this locker as it sits and waits to be used. Most students at WHS do not even use their lockers and just carry all of their things at all times. Photo by Brianna Perkins
Gordon Ave. shines with rain as the wind blows the trees’ leaves on the morning of October 29. The light from the street lamps shined on the street while it continued to rain. Photo by Roxanna Deem
Abigail Kissinger smiles for a picture under her mask during study hall.  Due to Covid, people are more spread out around the commons to try to prevent quarantining. Photo by Mallory Gerschutz
Elizabeth Edwards, a sophomore at Wadsworth, tries to read Fahrenheit 451 for Mr. Callaghan’s 7th period Honors English 2 class. In this class, Edwards sits with her three friends; Camryn Henderson, Anna Wallace, and Grace Barrett. “English is my favorite class because I have a lot of friends with me,” Edwards explained. Photo by Grace Barrett
Ally Sell cheers on her boyfriend Wyatt Greenlees at the Boys Soccer District Semifinal at Avon Highschool on October 27th. She traveled with other fans over an hour to support the boys. “It’s sad to see the season end but I’m proud they played hard”, said Sell. Photo by Liam McAllister

Dr. Vincent Suber poses for a portrait taken last week by the 2400 stairs for this project. Dr. Suber, the principal of WHS, started at his position at the beginning of this year to good reception from the student population. “This is like the 800th time I’ve been asked for the same thing” said Dr. Suber regarding the question asking if we could take the photos. Photo by Jack Lawrence
Chris Fox, freshman at Wadsworth High School, takes a break from his hard work in Mrs. Harig’s class.  Fox is an honors student at WHS and participates in band and recycling club.  “I sometimes procrastinate with my work, but mostly I get it done,” Fox told the newspaper. Photo by Claire Harig
Mr. Zachary Humrichouser making a phone call with sunglasses. He is also the coach of Wadsworth High Schools’ cross country team. You’re like the 47th person to ask me to ask for a picture today,” said Humrichouser. Photo by William Adler
This is the 1400 hallway at Wadsworth High school. This hallway is one of the English hallways of the school. Photo by Kendall Smith
High school senior Dan Bugajski and Overlook Elementary student Grayson Carr discuss the importance of sharing as they tussle over a stuffed shark prior to Halloween festivities.  Carr, full of energy because of the upcoming amount of candy consumption, refused to share his new stuffed shark with his neighbor.  Bugajski said, “I was just trying to take the shark for a bike ride.”  Carr refused to comment. Photo by Claire Harig
Mihkayla Williams, Samantha Younkin, and Alex Leach students at WHS sit in the 1400 hall to study for their math test. While they were studying, Mihkayla Williams made sure to crack lots of jokes to make it more enjoyable. Photo by Sienna Lucci
Livia Hill eating a hot dog at the PBIS dance party last Thursday. Her and her friends enjoyed sometime outside, as well as a dance competition inside.  Photo by Lauren Sieber
Leo Dente takes a closer look at a ladybug that he found outside of his home on October 27, 2021. This was the first one he found that night. “I was really excited to finally find one,” Dente says. Photo by Alexandra Banks
Erik Schnell laughs loudly in Economics. The girl who sits behind him was joking around before Johnson entered the roomPhoto by Lauren Farkas
Nora Love and her younger sister Kate cautiously walk across  the log, treating it like a balance beam. The Love sisters were out getting pictures with their mom, but when they came across the huge log they just had to venture across it. “When we came over the hill and saw the tree, we immediately ran over and started climbing it.” said Kate Love. Photo by Lily Love
Liam McAllister posing for the camera before a football game at Art Wright Stadium. Photo by Brynne McAllister
Freshman Jacquelyn Manion focuses intently as she paints her clay project during academic lab. The mug was for Mr. Derrig’s 3D design class, and she was working on it so she would not fall behind. “I was glazing an obscenely overdue art project,” said Manion. “It was for 3D design but I’m not in that class anymore.” Photo by Lauren Ball
A colorful leaf rests in Elizabeth Edwards’ backyard on Thursday evening. It fell from a huge maple tree in their neighbor’s yard. Photo by Elizabeth Edwards
Camryn Henderson reads off her chromebook in AP US history last Tuesday. The class is working on a Veteran’s Day project. “Our plan is to interview students and staff at the school and ask them what Veteran’s Day means to them,” said Henderson. Photo by Elizabeth Edwards
Freshman Bailey Fetterolf and Jacquelyn Manion laugh as they compete in an arm wrestling battle last week at lunch. Fetterolf won the matchup but Manion demanded a rematch at a later time. Photo by Lauren Ball
Carson Bernard and his brother Drew share a full bathroom that is located next to their rooms. “Sharing a bathroom isn’t all that bad, but sometimes it can create quite the mess.” Drew had to say about sharing a bathroom with his brother. Photo by Carson Bernard
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    Caleb McKnightFeb 15, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    Awesome job guys! We love our local high school students.
    -The UPS Store #6658, Wadsworth,OH.

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Wadsworth students photograph their day – 2021