Wadsworth High celebrates Veterans Day 2021 with virtual assembly



Wadsworth High School decided to honor its veterans this year with an online video highlighting many different topics all falling under the category of veterans. Jason Knapp, one of WHS’s history teachers along with Mr. Berlin and Mr. Sieber went through students videos that they submitted to select some to go into the Veterans Day project.

“I think that veterans will enjoy the video being something that they can sit down and watch and even come back to,”  said Knapp.

One of the students that was selected for this video was sophomore Drew Bowerman whose slide show consisted of the different types of awards that can be earned.

“I hope that shedding light on the awards that we highlighted in our portion of the video will really emphasize how much we care about our veterans,” said Bowerman

Brynne McAllister, a sophomore at Wadsworth High School, took a different angle than the traditional people who served and instead looked at how animals have helped to serve.

“It was really cool to show a newer aspect of veterans with the horses and dogs and how important they are as well as our veterans,” said McAllister, “I’m glad that I get to honor the veterans and it’s pretty cool because I put a lot of hard work into it.”

The entire virtual Veteran’s Day video can be watched below.