International Club meets to discuss the year

International Club meets to discuss the year


International Club had their first meeting on Wednesday, September 15 after school to discuss the plans for the year. The club is made up of students who take foreign language classes and are interested in learning more about other cultures. 

Freshman Garrett Preusser positions his face in Madame Stratton’s Mona Lisa photograph after the first International Club meeting. Students from all grades and language classes met to discuss the games, movies and food that will be at their meetings throughout the year.  PHOTO BY JANAE JOACHIM

“Making me know that I could learn more about Spanish [made me join],” said sophomore Sean Martinez, a student leader of International Club. 

Plans for the club this year include an ongoing film festival, where students watch Spanish and French films in order to hear different languages and learn about the cultures that speak those languages.

Celebrating holidays is another way that the International Club learns about the Spanish, French and Latin cultures. The club will celebrate Day of the Dead in October, Mardi Gras in February or March and hopefully a Latin holiday in December.

Upperclassmen who take foreign languages lead the International Club, advised by Madame Strattron, a French teacher at WHS and WMS. 

“International Club is open to all students at Wadsworth High School, and I look forward to getting to know many of our students whom I would not normally get the chance to meet!” Stratton said. 

The next International Club meeting will be in October.