WHS brings back aftergame dances after two years

Wadsworth High School student section watches the varsity football game waiting for the aftergame dance to start. Wadsworth lost 42-7 against Brecksville. PHOTO BY HALEY REEDY


Last Friday, Wadsworth High School had its first after game dance since 2019. The dance started around 9:30 PM following the end of the Grizzlies game against Brecksville.

Unlike previous years, the dance took place at Art Wright Stadium. The main reaction from students was they liked it better being outside rather than in the cafeteria. 

“Other than the fact it wasn’t in the cafeteria, but I liked it more on the field though because there was more room,” said Zefrum Sykora, a Wadsworth senior.

For most underclassmen, this was the first high school dance that they attended. Last year Homecoming, Winter Formal and all aftergame dances were canceled. 

Wadsworth High School students created a dance circle allowing students to jump in and show their best dance moves. Some were doing common dances while others were doing flips and the splits. PHOTO BY HALEY REEDY

At the start of the dance the stadium lights were still on but as the night progressed the lights went off allowing for the LED lights from the DJ’s speakers to light up the crowd to end the night.