Bruin Athlete of The Week – Dylan Currens

Bruin Athlete of The Week - Dylan Currens


Dylan Currens is a sophomore on Wadsworth’s boys tennis team. He had a very promising first year on the team and plans to continue playing throughout his last two years of high school. He is constantly trying to improve on and off the court, and this season has given the groundwork to do well next year.

Q &A with Dylan Currens

Q: We know you guys are in the middle of Sectionals, but looking back at the season so far, what goals did you have set and do you think that you’ve reached them?

Dylan Currens goes to serve in his match. Photo Courtesy of Dylan Currens

Dylan: For the season, my goal was to learn as much as I could about the game, since it was my first year, and to learn how to control my emotions on the court. This season was a little rough as I let my emotions get the best of me and affect my playing, but I definitely learned what to do and what not to do. As for sectionals my goal was to just do my best and have the most fun I could, this paid off as I play the best when I’m happy rather than upset and I won my first two then lost my third in single round elimination. 

Q: Is the single round elimination the whole tournament or is there also a separate double elimination that you can try to advance in? 

Dylan: The tournament was split into a doubles bracket and singles bracket where all the doubles players had their rounds and all the singles did as well but separate. Both were single eliminations.

Q: Earlier you mentioned your emotions usually getting the best of you as well as you being new to the sport… Going into next year what do you look forward to the most, and do you think you’ll have better control over your emotions?

Dylan: Yes, I will for sure have my emotional game on my mind the whole time, and I look forward to just having fun and doing my best.