Become a Patron

Patrons are people who recognize just how important it is for students to have a publication where they can attempt to learn, explain, and question what is happening in their neighborhood, state, country, and world.

Our patrons help us keep the Bruin running. Not only that, but their contributions help us to buy equipment and supplies, helps us attend journalism conferences, and helps us give every single student at Wadsworth High School a FREE COPY of our newspaper.

Without our patrons, we could not keep this program going.

Please consider becoming a Bruin Patron. It only costs $40 and for your contribution we will publish a thank you note with your name in the Bruin and we will mail EVERY issue directly to your home or office.

If you are interested in becoming a Bruin Patron, please click the link and you will be sent a bill shortly. THANK YOU!

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