WHS Prepared for Homecoming with Spirit Week


Last week, Wadsworth High School participated in homecoming spirit week. Each day had a new theme for students, teachers, and staff to dress up for. 

On Monday, students and teachers took advantage of the chance to attend class in their comfiest clothes on “Pajama Day!”

“Pajama Day was my favorite because it was comfortable and warm,” said Jasmine Krug, junior.

Tuesday’s theme showcased students’ jewelry, street wear, and backwards hats for “Drip Day.”

On Wednesday, students had fun dressing up in opposite styles on “Country vs. Country Club” day.

Students spiced up the school day on Thursday for “Anything but a Backpack” day as they carried supplies in guitar cases, shopping carts, coolers, and more.

“My favorite day was Thursday because I liked seeing the funny things people brought for their backpacks,” said Jack Allen, freshman .

WHS finished off the week by representing the class colors on Friday.  Seniors wore red, juniors wore black, sophomores wore white, and freshmen wore grey.


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