The Cast of the WHS Drama ‘Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat’ performs at Playhouse Square


The Wadsworth Off Broad Street Players were given the opportunity to perform at Playhouse Square for world-famous lyricist Tim Rice. The students put on a successful show of Joseph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat – one of the many musicals written by Rice.

Daniel Hahn, the Vice President of Education at Playhouse Square, and Patricia Chapman attended Wadsworth’s performance of the musical. Hahn and Chapman asked the Off Broad Street Players to perform a song from the musical at the Playhouse Square Annual Chairman’s dinner. This event featured Tim Rice along with a number of Sustaining Founders–donors who have contributed $5,000 or more to the Playhouse Square organization.

Myles Fortner, a junior at Wadworth, played the lead role of Joseph in the performance. Fortner has been participating in drama productions since 2018 and was beyond excited to receive this opportunity.
“I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I heard about it,” Fortner said.

The Off Broad Street Players perform together at the Annual Chairman’s Dinner. Following the performance, the students were invited to dine with Tim Rice and the rest of the Playhouse audience. Photo courtesy of Pam Csaky.

The pressure was on as the group had only a few weeks to rehearse before the event occurred. The group chose the final song of the musical called “Any Dream Will Do/Give me my Colored Coat” to perform. It included every character in the show and captured the magic of the story all within one song. Although the act was nearly perfect, the students dedicated their time to performing their absolute best.

Jasmine Krug, a sophomore at Wadsworth, played a smaller role of a wife in the ensemble of the production. She was grateful for the opportunity to perform for Rice.

“It was so surreal to be performing in front of Tim Rice,” Krug said, “I watched him the whole time while I sang. [Eventually] he began to cry and slowly conduct us and I realized just how much his work meant to him.”

This was the first time in Wadsworth High School history in which the department was given an opportunity as astounding as this, other than receiving titles and nominations in the Dazzle Awards. Fortner explained that the cast is unsure of the exact reasons behind this invitation to Playhouse but acknowledges that each individual’s optimism and dedication played a big role.

“We just worked hard and had fun, and it’s nice to see that pay off,” Fortner said.
The performance at Playhouse Square was a rewarding and unique experience for the drama program and the school as a whole.


  1. What a tremendous opportunity for this cast. It was truly one of the best productions I have ever seen. Kalyn Davis deserves so much credit for bringing out the best in every student she directs. You could see the passion every single student brought yo this production. To make Tim Rice cry is the proof of the talent of these kids!


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