Memorial Day at Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery


This Memorial Day many parades, ceremonies, and other events had been cancelled, but that did not stop families and friends from visiting and honoring their loved ones who lay in the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery.

Cars lined the roads of the cemetery as hundreds visited the cemetery, where veterans, POWs, and MIAs gravesites lay.

The Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery is located in Medina County and at full capacity can provide burial space for up to 106,000 eligible veterans and dependents. The cemetery is one of the two national cemeteries located in Ohio, the other being Dayton National Cemetery, located in Dayton, Ohio.

Flags and a wreaths lay on the walls that depict the names of hundreds
Photo by Axel Mueller
A lady stands with an umbrella to help protect herself from the sun during the high mid-day temperatures.
Photo by Axel Mueller
A penny means you had visited the grave, a nickel means you went to boot camp together, a dime means you served with them at some point, and a quarter means you were with the soldier at the time they were killed.
Photo by Axel Mueller
A lady sits on the ground in front of a grave site on Memorial Day 2020.
Photo by Axel Mueller
The Stars and Stripes lined the graves of military men and women throughout the cemetery.
Photo by Axel Mueller
A man sits by the grave site of a soldier as many more gravestones surround it.
Photo by Axel Mueller
Many wondered the cemetery either looking for loved ones or visiting out of respect.
Photo by Axel Mueller
Behind each name on the way lays the ashes of soldiers.
Photo by Axel Mueller
A wreath lays at the foot of an American flag which is surrounded by flags of all the armed forces.
Photo by Axel Mueller

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