Raking up a storm


The seniors completed their annual senior leaf raking on Friday November 8, 2019. Every year the whole senior class goes around the community and rakes senior citizens’ yards. This is an opportunity for students to give back to the city and make a difference.

Mr. Heffinger and his leaf raking group posing for a picture after a long morning of raking.
Photo by Axel Mueller
For Nicholas Beiser leaf raking was easier due to the leaf blower. It allowed him to help the group move forward quicker.
Photo by Axel Mueller
Alex Hartshorn, Nicholas Beiser, and Katy Andrews taking a break for a quick photo.
Photo by Axel Mueller
John Bova. and Jack Schnelzer show that team work makes the dream work by assisting each other with the tarp of leaves.
Photo by Axel Mueller
Devin Orr sets the leaf blower down to take a break. Leaf blowers make raking more efficient and easier.
Photo By Axel Mueller
A group of girls take a break to take a picture in order to capture the memory of the day. Everyone is bundled up in layers in order to stay warm on the cold day. Photo by Axel Mueller
Katy Andrews and Alex Hartshorn help each rake a pile of leaves. Katy pauses to look back on the progress they made throughout the day. Photo by Axel Mueller.
Students rake leaves onto tarps and get them ready to be carried to the curbs. Photo by Axel Mueller
Students got together to rake leaves as efficiently as possible. This proves that more gets done once people gather together. Photo by Axel Mueller
Maddie Kritzel, smiles as she uses the leaf blower to put the leaves in a pile. Though leaf raking can sometimes be difficult,Wadsworth seniors were able to enjoy the simple moments throughout the day. Photo by Axel Mueller
Chris Steele stands triumphantly with his leaf blower. A clear yard behind him showcases the difference the group made on the yard. Photo by Axel Mueller
Ireland Hiscock takes the final rake to bring the pile of leaves safely to the curb and finishes the yard. Photo by Axel Mueller.

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