Student designs selected by Medina County Auditor’s office


Three WHS students have placed in Medina County Auditor Mike Kovack’s contest for local high school students to create the seal his office uses to certify gas pumps, scanners, and scales. The seals are put on measuring devices around the county to show they are accurate and up to date. The seals are also used to verify places of business that have passed the price verification criteria.  

For the Inspected and Sealed category, Colin Hitch (11th) placed 2nd and Megan Barnes (11th) placed 4th. While in the Price Verification category, Julian Altman (10th) placed 3rd. The students were given a criteria and certain names and phrases to put on their seals, however they were given complete creative ability to design their backgrounds.

Colin Hitch (1)
Colin Hitch (11th) placed 2nd for the Inspected and Sealed category.
Julian Altman (1)
Julian Altman (10th) placed 3rd in the Price Verification category.
Megan Barnes (1)
Megan Barnes (11th) placed 4th for the Inspected and Sealed category.

Congratulations to the placing students, and watch your gas pumps near the end of the year and try to find the stickers created by WHS students.


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