CDC covers up several potentially fatal lab screw-ups



Usually government cover ups are the subjects of movies and rarely surface in real life. For once we will have to deal with one though. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been hiding important information from the general public. They recently have lost a case that contained highly contagious and possibly deadly influenza. Unfortunately, that is not where the miscues end. They have, according to USA Today, covered up in lab accidents that involve dangerous diseases such as Ebola. All of the reports that USA today uncovered was highly redacted, which means they erased the majority of the report. These uncovered reports have brought the CDC’s missteps to the attention of the United States Congress.

Scientists conduct experiments within the CDC. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Leaders of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce have demanded that the CDC have until the end of the month to give them a list of all the lab safety incidents. These incidents are going to be reviewed and then punishment will be dished out appropriately. The CDC is our nation’s number one resource to defeat contiguous diseases no matter what form they take. They specialize in types of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi that can all cause infectious disease. This fact is especially scary because of their sketchy track record with security and containment of these diseases. Hopefully the congressional committee will come to a decision soon so that the CDC can fix whatever is wrong with their system, and get back to protecting the United States and the world from diseases