Speech and Debate season going strong



The Wadsworth High School Speech and Debate team is having quite the season this year, with multiple team wins, individual and group performance awards.

However, the Speech and Debate season is coming to an end. With the State Championship coming up the team has one last sprint, and they are coming in strong. “I think our team is going to do really well, we have a lot of people that know what they are doing and last year we had most of them placed. I’m confident it’s going to happen again,” said Garret Freund, a member of the Student Congress Committee of the team. “Personally, I want to break to final round, I do not think I might actually place. But if I at least make it to final round I’ll be really happy.”

The team has one last meet before the qualification for State on February 6, and they have obviously increased in both quantity and quality of practicing to preserve their title in the top ten of the Individual District Tournaments.

With the help of their coaches Sam Zulia, Katherine Dannemiller and Brianna Olsakovsky, the Speech and Debate team is spending many hours after school working to their best abilities to end their season with a state qualification, and maybe even a state win.


The Speech and Debate team pose for a team picture at the beginning of the season.