Explorers, Grizzlies the rivalry of the century


Wadsworth and Hudson have been battling on and off the field for many years. Without the strong sense of competition and genuine hatred, the week of the Hudson game would not be so great. The rivalry between the all mighty Grizzlies and the Explorers will sure last well into the future of our intense, extremely pressured world of  high school sports.

As soon as you feel your blood start pumping, and heart has begun to beat quicker and quicker, you now know that the battle has begun. The lively feud keeps both teams at their best before, during, and after the games. Each team gives their all and leaves nothing to waste in order to come out on top. The level of intensity never wavers during any Hudson versus Wadsworth sporting event.

“It increases the weight of the game, as well as gives bragging rights to the winner but only until next season’s  game,” said Joey Fernholz, 11.

Victory can be an amazing feeling, especially over a deep rooted rivalry. With passion and tension running high, anything can be achieved. Nothing is impossible especially with the drive to beat such a tough team. Although our Grizzlies have fallen to the Hudson Explorers before, there will come a time when we can win in any sport on any day.

Hudson is a strong competitor in any sport, but they can be beaten. The Grizzlies have triumphantly succeeded over the Explorers countless times, and will continue to do so more often. As the years go on our sports teams will only grow stronger, along with our greatest rivalry. Athletes will only get better, and loathsome will only get deeper.

“Playing Hudson was by far the most intense high school game I’ve played in. The sense of victory and pride we felt was overwhelming,” said Evelyn Haydu, 9.

Every minute, of every game against Hudson is one to remember. Nothing is left behind, and all strength will surely show. Our infamous rivalry with Hudson causes our athletes to become physically and mentally stronger than they ever could imagine.

“We played Hudson many times from about 1985 until 1997, and they were our biggest rivalry in the league. Now that we are able to play them again, our strong rivalry can be rekindled and continue to grow,” said Coach Lynn.

Hudson has and can always be a great clashing program for our school. Without our rival in Hudson, there would be nothing to look forward to each new sports season. Now that we are both in the same league again, we can now strive to beat them each and every time we play.

Playing your toughest match up can either cause you to play the best game you have ever had, or the worst game you will ever play. The pressing stress of a deep rooted rivalry can have many different effects over our talented athletes. As long as they are able to rise to the challenge, nothing can destroy their confidence and strength. An all out athletic contest where only the best may succeed.