Downtown Wadsworth in Photos


With everything going on right now, It’s good to look at beauty in places such as downtown Wadsworth

A very recognizable monument in downtown Wadsworth is the statue of the boy with the leaky boot
Photo by Axel Mueller
Located in several places around downtown are signs showcasing “Wadsworth Ohio, 1814”
Photo By Axel Mueller
Wadsworth Music has been a fan favorite to musicians in Wadsworth for many years.
Photo by Axel Mueller
The Episcopal Church is very recognizable to Wadsworth residents, and is also known for ringing the bells during the Wadsworth Memorial Day parade.
Photo by Axel Mueller

Flowers are planted outside of City Hall to help bring beauty to the building
Flowers decorate the island in front of the Wadsworth Gazebo.
Photo by Axel Mueller
The STRAND is a landmark where people can pay for writing to be showcased on the sign for many to see. In this case it congratulates the WHS class of 2020.
Photo By Axel Mueller
The Wadsworth Clock Located at the corner of College Street and High Street plays music throughout the day.
Photo by Axel Mueller
Wadsworth at 9pm isn’t the busiest place lately, but it does hold many beautiful sights day and night
Photo by Axel Mueller

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