Wadsworth seniors virtually sing one last song [Video]


This week, Wadsworth High School seniors will be completing their last week of school online. A choir concert was scheduled for May 7-8, but its cancellation did not stop the seniors from singing one last song together.

Seniors sent in videos that they recorded on their cell phones. They sang along to a backing track while wearing headphones. They individual recordings were then all complied into the video posted here.


  1. This is so awesome !!! I’m so proud of all you young adults. I have no children in the system. But as a mother of 3 sons, you nailed it.
    Good luck in the future. It is bright !!!


  2. What a beautiful job. One of my favorite songs from a play. I hope someday my granddaughter will sing in a choir or be in a band. The music skills and teamwork skills they build are amazing. Congratulations to all of you and may God bless you as you move on to your futures.


  3. I’m so pound of all of these members!! I know they work so hard to make this awesome!! I’m so pound of these members 🙂


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