Mamma Mia cast delivers upbeat virtual performance [Video]


With the transition to online curriculum this week, students have been able to experience a sense of normalcy amid the pandemic. Still, extracurricular activities remain canceled, and the future is uncertain for events such as Wadsworth High School’s spring production of Mamma Mia.

Although the cast of Mamma Mia cannot perform together, they decided to put together a virtual performance. Each cast member individually made vocal and choreography recordings on a cell phone, which were then compiled into the video posted here.

Mamma Mia was previously scheduled for March 26, 27, and 28, but was postponed per state regulations. Although the future is uncertain, the cast and directors hope to be able to perform the show when restrictions are lifted.

Follow the Wadsworth Off Broad Street Players on Instagram or check the school webpage for future updates.


  1. They are awesome. So proud of these young people who are just showing that they can do it anyway. 😊👍


    1. SO proud of all of these people!! (Especially Maddie and Julia) I love them both and I miss both of them a lot. If anyone else besides me knows Maddie and Julia, please have someone that knows them to tell them that I said that I miss both Maddie and Julia a lot 🙂


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