A Day at WHS – 2019

Each year in Mr. Heffinger’s class, the students complete a photojournalism project on what it is like on a typical day at Wadsworth High School. The following photos are selections from their work. These students are learning the basics of writing for print and graphic design. This spring they will have to opportunity to apply to be on the Bruin or the Yearbook staff.


  1. Interested in knowing more about this. My son is interested in photography. Does he have to take Mr Heffengers class first to enter a picture and then try out for yearbook? Wasn’t sure how or what to do to get him involved in photography. Thank you.


    1. Hi Angie
      Students take Newspaper/Yearbook 1 first and then they can apply to be on the newspaper or the yearbook staff. The Newspaper/Yearbook 1 class is an introductory class in writing for print, graphic design, and some photography.


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