Bottle Flipping into the heart of Wadsworth High



The most common bottle used for bottle-flipping. Photo By Ahmed Darwich

Long ago, bathroom selfies, dabbing, the ice bucket challenge, planking, and hallway swimming dominated Wadsworth High. Every student knew how to swim, how to take selfies, and how to dab. But today, a new method to express yourself has taken over. A new fad has come to rule Wadsworth High. Students’ today have begun to flip their attitudes, their grades, and their bottles. Bottle flipping is a craze that represents Wadsworth High.

When did this crazy method to express yourself become popular? When did it take off in the teenage world?

Months ago, a high school senior at Ardrey Kelly, a school in Charlotte, North Carolina, named Mike Senatore competed in a school-wide talent show. As students showcased their talents, Senatore was over flooded with feelings of doubt and nervousness. But as he queued Jorge Quintero 300 Violin Orchestra, he knew that nothing could stop him. Senatore walked out, in front of hundreds of students, and flipped a bottle at the precise moment that the beat dropped. Cheers erupted, students screamed for joy, principals high-fived each other. Who knew that such a simple act could unite a school?

Today, you cannot walk through the cafeteria without seeing student flipping bottles. It has taken over Wadsworth High and is seen everywhere. People flip bottles at lunch, during breaks in between classes. It is everywhere.

But how does one exactly flip a bottle? How does one get it to land on its bottom? Well, bottle-flipping is a science. It takes the perfect amount of water and the perfect throw to land the bottle. Many students agreed that the perfect amount of water is to fill up the bottle up to the third notch or crease in the bottle. This allows for optimal success and limits the chance for failure. Another technique in bottle-flipping is the hand motion as well. It is important to be able to flip the bottle at the perfect angle with the perfect amount of strength.

Bottle-flipping is not liked by the administration. It can be seen as a distraction from the learning environment and can possibly make a mess. Nonetheless bottle-flipping is spreading like wildfire and will continue to do so. It is because of the joy from landing it. The joy from seeing a perfect rotation by water.

Bottle-flipping is here to stay at Wadsworth High and may it live long and prosperous.