How soon is too soon?



Leaves are still falling from trees, rotten pumpkins are out on porches, turkey talk is in the air and houses are decked out in…Christmas decorations? While some people are still enjoying pumpkins and picking apples, others are decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. The celebration of Christmas is starting too soon, and Thanksgiving is being overshadowed.

Twitter was flooded with tweets showing, “October 31st vs. November 1st,” that showed the straight transition of celebrating Halloween to Christmas in just one day. Aside from twitter, businesses and superstores can be held responsible for this premature transition as well. Fall decorations are no longer on display and are often hidden in the clearance aisle, even though there is over a month of fall left.

“People celebrate Christmas way too soon. The amount of buildup kills the holiday spirit by the time it actually comes around. We need to take things one holiday at a time,” said Mr. Johnson.

Christmas is the most prosperous time for competitive stores, so decorations, sales and gift ideas fill the stores. A 2015 statistic stated that these holiday sales reflected about 19.2 percent of the retail industry’s total sales that year. Black Friday Christmas deals take over advertisements, and some sales even begin on Thanksgiving. People are not focused on Thanksgiving even on Thanksgiving because they are ready to go Christmas shopping the next day.

The early celebration of Christmas not only overshadows the excitement of Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving’s meaning itself. People should be thrilled for plates and plates of food and be thankful for such a privilege, but hypocritically, they are distracted by their excitement to go buy more gifts for themselves the next day.