National rhetoric creates detrimental consequences


The negative rhetoric being used in the presidential election is detrimental to the state of affairs of the United States and is increasing the presence of extremist policy ideals within the voting populous. We cannot condone the venomous words spoken by the men and women running for the office of the POTUS. Their attacks on the personal happenings of their political rivals destroy the ideal of a democracy that is independent of the lives of government officials.
What we should focus on when choosing the leader of our nation is the public image that they uphold. And though the character of these public figures is essential for us to choose whom we support, the more important aspect is the policies of each candidate. The lack of policy discussed in campaigns and debates this election year is alarming, as personal attacks and mudslinging is reaching new bounds. We must condemn the words spoken by candidates that threaten and harass their political rivals because it destroys the sanctity of democracy.
The extremist rhetoric that candidates are using is appealing to far left- and right-wingers in our very school. Students are willing to attack supporters of the other nominee just as quickly as the candidates attack each other. As young people, we cannot adopt the destructive rhetoric of this election. We are the future of the nation, and we must not condemn our future to the negativity of today.
Students must maintain the open-mindedness that once characterized the young generation, for we cannot define ourselves by extremism and negativity. We must use what we learn from the distraught character of this election to grow and develop our nation. As students, we are the next generation that will define our nation, and we must assume this role humbly and intelligently. In order to do that, we must rise above the current rhetoric of our nation.