Bluetip BBQ announces opening dates

Bluetip BBQ announces opening dates


Blue Tip BBQ is a full service restaurant that will have a live music venue, provide a family fun gathering spot and Ice Creamery. Blue Tip BBQ is going to be opening in the center of Wadsworth on August 17 while the Ice Creamery will open in early June.

Blue Tip BBQ will be serving unique BBQ and Southern Cuisine that can work for everyone, says Kim Bluoir, the operations director/manager. The restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian specials so they can satisfy anyone in the community. You can even bring your furry friends in for a treat!

“This will be a place for everyone to enjoy no matter your diet restrictions and lifestyle choices,” Bluoir said.

The restaurant will also provide a live music venue that will please your music taste with local artists in a comfy spot that will make the restaurant feel like home. There will be entertainment for all ages with live bands, e-sports and the classic Ice Cream Parlor.

The Blue Tip Ice Creamery will have a lot to offer when it opens. They will be serving delicious adult ice cream shakes, milkshake creations, and even more.

The Blue Tip smoker can hold up to 500lbs of mouth-watering BBQ, not to mention their fresh chicken tenders. The Blue Tip BBQ chef Mike Russo of the US Pizza Team cannot wait to share the whole menu with the customers.

“I am truly excited to bring this dream to fruition,” Bluoir said. “Wadsworth is an amazing community and I am glad to be a part of it!” 

Blue Tip BBQ can be a new favorite destination for a night out with your family or friends.